UTSA Giving Day is “next bold step” in university’s advancement

UTSA Giving Day is “next bold step” in university’s advancement

For the first time UTSA will offer an opportunity in 2021 for all of Roadrunner Nation to work together—over just a few hours—to raise record funds and celebrate bold initiatives that benefit students, faculty and staff. Today a special “save the date” was announced for the first UTSA Giving Day, to be held April 6–7, 2021. 

Like Giving Tuesday or The Big Give San Antonio, UTSA Giving Day will offer participants and donors an interactive, fun and memorable day that celebrates generosity and philanthropy specific to the university. This exciting special event will unite alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends to “Build the Nest” in support of their favorite colleges and programs while also keeping many outstanding educational experiences offered by the university affordable for students.

“The philanthropic support of our alumni and friends makes a big difference for UTSA student success and our academic programs,” said President Taylor Eighmy. “I am looking forward to UTSA Giving Day as Roadrunner Nation rallies to take the next bold step in advancing the university. This is a wonderful opportunity for our community to demonstrate UTSA pride while supporting the incredible work of our students, faculty and staff.”

“The philanthropic support of our alumni and friends makes a big difference for UTSA student success.”

In launching UTSA Giving Day, the Roadrunner community joins a successful trend in higher education in creating a university-specific day to celebrate philanthropy.

UTSA Giving Day will last for 1,969 minutes—or 32 hours, 49 minutes—in honor of the university’s founding in 1969. It is hoped that at least 1,969 members of Roadrunner Nation will make their voices heard through gifts during the event and that the amount donated exceeds giving day results generated by other UT System and Texas universities.

“UTSA Giving Day is about participation and celebrating what it means to be a Roadrunner,” said Karl Miller-Lugo, vice president for development and alumni relations. “Our Roadrunners are caring, supportive and want to make a difference. Making a gift on UTSA Giving Day will make a statement about their belief in the university and the importance of our mission, vision and values.”

The effort will be tracked on the UTSA Giving Day website, including totals for colleges and key programs from across the university as well as the goal to have gifts from every state in the nation.

“As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we had to suspend or limit some of the fundraising efforts that the university traditionally relied on to generate support, such as the phonathon, where students called our friends and alumni,” said Miller-Lugo. “We are hopeful that Roadrunner Nation and our community will respond as part of UTSA Giving Day to help not only replace but enhance the philanthropic support generated through those efforts. So there is some urgency, and we need everyone to help ‘Build the Nest’ for our future success.”

The online fundraising event will officially begin at 10:11 a.m. Central time on April 6 and conclude at 7 p.m. on April 7. Participants can direct their gifts to several colleges or projects under the UTSA Giving Day effort, including all academic colleges, UTSA Libraries, Spirit of San Antonio marching band, the Roadrunner Pantry, UTSA Athletics, Student Emergency Funds, the Fostering Educational Success Center, and scholarships.

Throughout the two-day event, it is expected that dozens of fun challenges and generous matching opportunities will be available to enhance the impact of individual donations. Colleges and projects will compete to unlock and “win” additional funding for their efforts. Power hours will be held to encourage participation at key times, and there will be matching opportunities funded by donors and sponsors to double the impact of gifts received.

In addition to giving, participants can also help by sharing the event on social media using the hashtag #BuildtheNest as well as graphics and messages from an online toolkit. Supporters can also help by signing up to be a UTSA Giving Day ambassador. Ambassadors will be the first to receive updates, and they can earn UTSA swag just by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and encouraging their networks to give.

Become a Giving Day Digital Ambassador

Digital ambassadors are vital to success on UTSA Giving Day. If you are an alumni member, faculty, staff, a current or former member of a campus organization or just want to make a difference for the Roadrunner community, join the 2021 digital ambassador team by:

  • Posting on social media,
  • Sharing messages and encouraging alumni and friends to support UTSA Giving Day,
  • Participating in UTSA Giving Day challenges, and
  • Designating additional funds to your favorite campus entities.

The community is also invited to tune in to planned broadcasts throughout the event, featuring UTSA leaders and performances, on the UTSA Alumni Association’s Facebook page.

“Having Roadrunner alumni and friends from across the country and around the globe participate will make UTSA Giving Day successful for students in a fun, exciting and impactful way,” said Gage Martin ’21, president of the UTSA Roadrunner Student Alumni Association, who will be directing his Giving Day contribution to the Student Emergency Fund. “I cannot wait to see how we do because I know each gift will make a difference.”

source: https://www.utsa.edu/

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